Gluten is a natural protein found inside cereals and grains such as wheat and barley. People with celiac disease are allergic to gluten and their body will immediately react if any form of gluten is consumed. There is no permanent cure possible for this condition. People with this condition should avoid gluten at any cost. The gluten-free diets are in favor of people with coeliac diseases, avoiding all possible forms of gluten from the table. Some people who do not have celiac disease also might have a sensitivity to wheat products and gluten. 

You might be confused about shopping online for groceries to prepare a gluten-free diet. But it is convenient to shop gluten-free content at online grocery stores as you can easily look them up. A gluten-free diet can help to improve your gut health and aids in your weight loss journey. Let us have a look at how we can maintain a gluten-free diet. 

What can you eat on a gluten-free diet? 

It is completely safe to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they are gluten-free. But when you are buying canned fruits and vegetables you need to check twice. Pre-chopped vegetables also have a chance of getting contaminated by gluten during the stage of their preparation. You can add eggs also to your gluten-free online grocery cart. 

Dairy products which are low in fat and unprocessed meat are also safe for people who want to avoid gluten in their diet. However, you need to be careful when including processed meat, ground meat, and sausages. They may contain gluten-containing products like flour, soy sauce, and vinegar made of malt. Butter and ghee do not contain any gluten content on it but you should watch out for flavored and processed oils as they have a chance of containing gluten compounds in them. 

If you are very particular about including grains and flours in your online grocery cart, you should go for rice, arrowroot, tapioca, flax, amaranth, etc. 

When you are buying canned or labeled groceries online, look for the gluten-free label imprinted on the package. If there is no such label given, avoid anything that contains wheat, rye, barley, triticale, and the components extracted from it. Online groceries that contain gluten-free labels include products that are naturally gluten-free or products from which the gluten compound is artificially removed. 

Drinks can also contain gluten in certain cases. Alcoholic drinks processed with grains like wheat and barley contain gluten in it. There are labels on some alcoholic drinks that claim that the drink was later processed to remove the gluten content on it. But they do not assure that the complete amount of the gluten is removed. 

What happens when celiac people eat gluten? 

If gluten is consumed by mistake, immediately their immune system is activated. The lining of the small intestine gets damaged and it leads to the malabsorption of nutrients. The symptoms will be after a few hours of gluten consumption. Symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and bloating. 

While you are shopping for groceries online, look for the product descriptions and check whether they have a clear gluten-free label on them. There will be a section regarding the allergens and the potential allergic products that are contained in the product. 

When you walk into an Indian grocery store, wheat products are everywhere. You have to walk around the store to reach the gluten-free section. But when you are shopping at an online grocery store, you can get free online grocery delivery within minutes.